Matisse's Inspiration from Travel and Treasured Objects

The Moorish Screen, 1921 (Philadelphia Museum of Art) and a late 19th-/early 20th-century cotton textile from North Africa.

In curating our collection, we have many sources of inspiration. We wanted to highlight the Matisse exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (April 9 - July 9), as Matisse sought inspiration from objects often brought back from travels. He contemplated the relationship between his art and the decorative arts - thus evolved his still life paintings of treasured objects. We have taken a page from Matisse's book in the form of our Still Life Painting - Jug and Apple.

Manoir's Apple and Jug still life

This collection of works rarely seen outside of France brings together objects from around the world—including textiles, furniture, sculptures, and African masks—that inspired the artist's studio practice, from an Andalusian glass vase that he brought back from a trip to Spain to a Congolese figurine found in a Paris curio shop. 

Vase of Flowers, 1924 (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) and an Andalusian glass vase that belonged to the artist.
In our collection, we have been inspired by Matisse and our own travels to curate objects that remind of treasures brought back from travel.  Pictured below is our Grecian Vase,  a piece that channels antiquity and might easily be found in a European manor house filled with delicious heirlooms and art objects.  
Mastisse was also inspired by Chinese art and culture.  Below is a photo of his own Chinoiserie collection.  In curating our collection for Manoir, we have been inspired by Matisse's love for Chinoiserie (and our own!) and offer several richly colored pieces that channel this look. 
Pictured below are three examples: our Chinoiserie Ginger Jar and our Red Chinoiserie Jars, both round and rectangular
These richly colored jars, alone or paired/layered with other accents, add a superb touch of texture and sophistication to an interior.  Channel Matisse with timeless, travel-inspired objects to perfect your Manoir look!



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