Product Quality


Many of our decorative objects have been designed in France and produced by a team of master artisans in Spain, including a plasterer, a decorative painter and a gilder. Our neoclassical pieces have been inspired by ancient objects and the artisans have sought to capture their ageless elegance and patina using methods of traditional craftsmanship. Our engravings are framed with hand-painted, age-finished mouldings. Our mirrors are hand-carved.

Our Chinoiserie ginger jars are expertly handcrafted in Jiangxi, China, known as the “Porcelain Capital” because it has been producing quality pottery for over 1700 years. Artists in Jiangxi continue to pioneer new techniques, blending old traditions with a modern aesthetic. Our jars follow a traditional process, where they are hand-formed, dried, trimmed, painted and then fired in a kiln that reaches 1300 degrees Celsius. They are then glazed and hand-painted. Here is a look at our jars in process:

We work with skilled artisans worldwide to ensure that our handcrafted items are of the highest quality. Our furniture is built to our specification and hand-finished at factories where we have cultivated collaborative relationships and have frequent input as the pieces are being built. They are then inspected by our own independent quality control team.

Our throws are made by a family-owned company from County Wicklow in Ireland. These handweavers have a rich heritage as the oldest mill in Ireland, started in 1723. Each throw is woven with 100% natural fibers. Our lambswool throw is woven from 1500 threads and the mohair throw from 400. In the process of setting up the looms, each thread must be lined up and tied by hand. The traditional principals of these weavers’ process have remained constant for hundreds of years.

These are just few of the skilled artisans we work with to bring you quality craftsmanship, sourced globally, direct from the makers!


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